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Covering all aspects of holistic wealth management, true financial planning takes a full look at all the areas that make up your financial health, from making a will, tax advice, to mortgages and life insurance.

You should consider hiring a financial advisor if you need specific advice or you're too overwhelmed or confused by your money to plan for retirement or invest in the stock market. You probably even need a financial advisor if you want to know where to save money or invest what you already have saved.

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My programme modules
The home buying process & Property Investment

Buying your home as a first-time buyer, what schemes and government support you are entitled to, how mortgages work and options available for expat mortgages, as well as buy to lets/investment properties

- First time buyer process (help to buy)
- How mortgages actually work
- Buying a property from overseas
- Buying property for investment (buy to let)

Protecting your income & family

Each year one million people in the UK find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury. We cover the options available to expat's and look at what suits you and your family best.

Money Management, Budgeting & Cashflow

A cash budget is very important, It allows you to manage your financial situation and avoid using debt to get yourself out of unexpected expenses. A cash budget helps avoid a shortage of cash during periods in which you encounters a high number of expenses.

Retirement & Pensions

Pensions might seem complicated, but the basic idea is a simple one. It’s worth understanding the benefits of saving into a pension scheme, because your State Pension while working in the UAE could be effected and may not be enough to live on when you reach retirement age.

Debt, Borrowing & Credit Cards

Debt, Loans and credit cards can be a minefield and they all suit different people in different situations. We drill down into your personal situation and look at the products that suit you.

Investing & Savings

Investing gives your money the potential to grow faster than it could in a savings account. If you have a long time until you need to meet your goal, your returns will compound. Basically, this means in addition to a higher rate of return on investments, your investment earnings will also earn money over time.

Credit Scoring, Affordability & Profiling

Credit Scoring for expats can be difficult to understand, what stands in the UK can change once you more to the UAE, we take a look at your lend-ability and work to improve on what you currently have.

Tax & National Insurance

Once you become a resident of the UAE your tax situation will change, however national insurance should still be be paid. We look at what changes will take place and how that effects you, we will also make sure you're up to date on national insurance payments.

Expat Life - Sending money home, Student Loan, Card payments etc.

We dive into everything an expat needs to know, covering the best way to send money home, payments on student loads and any other debt you might have.

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I never knew I needed a financial coach/adviser until I met with Josh, not only does he keep me accountable but he explains everything properly in an easy to understand way,  he’s really opened my eyes and pushed me to achieve certain goals, couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Josh really demonstrated his expertise but also empathy for our situation, he really fixed things from the mess made by our previous advisor too and couldn’t be more thankful to have met him, I just wish we had met him sooner.
A real down to earth and genuine advisor who is so easy to talk to and get answers from, a complete change from previous advisors I has the misfortune of working with in the past.
We were lucky enough to meet Josh very early on when we first moved to Dubai and he really helped up with a clear and realistic financial plan, but  he was also asking questions about our values and goals in life, rather than just running some numbers.

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