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“Money Buys You Freedom Which Buys You Choice” my mums favourite saying.

From a working class background myself we weren't wealthy by any means, we were JAMS(Just about managing) looking back my parents relationship with money wasn't particularly healthy, no strategy or plan. Do I wish they would've thought by some great financial habits and educated me? Of course, but in a strange way, they may have been an “anti role model” of what I didn't want for my life (the struggle and stress of getting by every month with 3 young children)

I wont bore you with the details of my personal epiphany* But it came down to two simple things, They had a plan/motivation, and they were educated/supported about finances.

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This didn't really sink in until i was around age 24/25, when your nice friends from school no longer want to day drink with you on a Tuesday afternoon at 11am. Funny that. I had other friends who were less capable or studious at school start to do really well for themselves and i had to ask myself why? I hope more out of curiosity than jealousy.

As much as i wish it was taught as part of the national curriculum/social studies. My real life mistakes and failures probably hurt a lot more and gave me the repeated reality checks I needed. After a breakup i moved to Bristol where i had to pay my own way for the first time in my life, a room with all bills included was a good as start as any. New City and no safety net of parents didn't get meany where, and after a retail burnout i joined a bank for an “easier life”

Meeting customers every day over the next 2 years, was almost a social study as much as a technical exercise is banking, but it all but confirmed for me, “work hard and study and you'll be rich” is a huge lie, or the harder you work/smarter you are line too. IF you got 1000 of my clients and I had to split them in to wealthy/poor, i couldn't do it by age/education/work ethic. The only common denominator was, those with a plan and motivation achieved their financial goals and plans, and were happier and healthier and enjoyed a huge amount of freedom and satisfaction.

This is when I made my own plan, to save for a house deposit, to do this I moved in with my grandma in Warrington, stopped drinking and started saving hard and regularly, within 12 months I had done it. I was lucky to have that option, but I was also willing to sacrifice to achieve my goal, I remember saving the first £1,000 was the hardest (emotionally)

Soon after I got my shit together i met my wife, and now we live in Dubai with our 6yr old daughter, when we first moved i worked forNational Government bank, and started within the niche of expat banking. Learnt a lot their too, but again it remains the same those with a plan and motivation achieved their financial goals and plans. I have seen clients with $20,000 a month salary and spend it very month, and leave UAE with nothing to show. I have also seen clients with $1,000 a month salary build houses for their family back home and send their children to private school.

Moving to a new country is already very stressful, you are making some life changes which have financial implications, and hopefully earning a reasonable income that you aren't used to, plus you'll have lots of specific questions about your money, such as What happens to myStudent Loan? How do i send money home? What do i do about Tax and National Insurance?

I will work with you to help you work through these types of issues and empower you to develop confidence in making decisions and finding solutions.

Through my financial coaching programme you will get the tools, resources and behaviours you need in order to take control of your finances and gain the freedom to make the choices that improve your life in the long term, and make the most out of your time in the middle east.

Specifically designed for UK expats in the Middle East, you can choose the topics and areas that are a priority for you, and will give you peace of mind and confidence on your financial journey.

We will work through a 3-6 or 9 session programme that is designed to cover all the basic areas of personal finance as well as assign specific time to your priority goals and plans as set out in the initial consultation.

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I never knew I needed a financial coach/adviser until I met with Josh, not only does he keep me accountable but he explains everything properly in an easy to understand way,  he’s really opened my eyes and pushed me to achieve certain goals, couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Josh really demonstrated his expertise but also empathy for our situation, he really fixed things from the mess made by our previous advisor too and couldn’t be more thankful to have met him, I just wish we had met him sooner.
A real down to earth and genuine advisor who is so easy to talk to and get answers from, a complete change from previous advisors I has the misfortune of working with in the past.
We were lucky enough to meet Josh very early on when we first moved to Dubai and he really helped up with a clear and realistic financial plan, but  he was also asking questions about our values and goals in life, rather than just running some numbers.

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