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Joshua has worked with some of the largest schools and teaching organisations in the UAE and has the added benefit of being married to a teacher himself. This allows him to understand the difficulties teachers face but also offer more rounded advice on the best steps to take.

Teaching within the UAE is one of the best choices you could have made, not only because you get to enjoy the financial rewards and the improved facilities but also the social element of living in the UAE. However some people forget the reason they moved in the first place and end up with not much more than they started with six years down the line. Joshua will work with you directly to help you achieve your personal and financial goals and make sure that when the time comes to leave that you have everything in order such as your pension, savings and investments.

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Want to take control of your financial future? Need an investment plan that can weather any storm? Want to make sure you don't miss out on new opportunities our changing world is opening up? Now could be the perfect time to talk to Joshua a specialist financial adviser. Get in touch to see how independent, expert financial advice could benefit you and your financial future.

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I never knew I needed a financial coach/adviser until I met with Josh, not only does he keep me accountable but he explains everything properly in an easy to understand way,  he’s really opened my eyes and pushed me to achieve certain goals, couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Josh really demonstrated his expertise but also empathy for our situation, he really fixed things from the mess made by our previous advisor too and couldn’t be more thankful to have met him, I just wish we had met him sooner.
A real down to earth and genuine advisor who is so easy to talk to and get answers from, a complete change from previous advisors I has the misfortune of working with in the past.
We were lucky enough to meet Josh very early on when we first moved to Dubai and he really helped up with a clear and realistic financial plan, but  he was also asking questions about our values and goals in life, rather than just running some numbers.

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